Playing with Snow

Winter with We Be Kids

Winter is the season to pull out the hats, scarves and waterproofs and see nature through totally different eyes. As the days draw shorter our time outdoors can be reduced but there are still so many wonderful things we can do to stay well and connected with nature. One of our favourite thing to do is care for the birds and the RSPB big garden bird watch keeps us busy for weeks as we prepare with a range of activities.  Here are some of our favourite things to do in Winter to connect with nature and boost our wellbeing.


With new weather come new materials to create with. Try this ice activity.


Celebrate the winter solstice by making a beautiful paper lantern.


This lovely activity is inspired by one of our favourite trees, can you recreate yours?


This makes a great alternative to a real tree or can be used as a decoration.


Use natural materials to make these beautiful trees to decorate your table.

Wreath Calendar.jpg

Count down the days with this beautiful nature inspired advent calendar.




Join your community to give thanks to the trees with a tree dressing day.


Campfire cooked mince pies is simply the most delicious winter treat you could try.


During the winter our feathered friends need as much help as we can give.

This Cheery Chappy is easy to make and a fun addition to your festive celebrations.

Ho, ho, ho! Winter wouldn't be complete without a merry Santa or two!

The RSPB Garden Birdwatch happens in winter- attract the birds with this fun feeder.


This is the story of why all the birds make different nests to cosy on down in during winter.

A beautifully reworked winter solstice story about the power of the Deer Mother.

This is a wonderful Russian winters tale of love, loss and the beauty of winter.

this winter tale of a grand oak tree teaches us where all snowflakes come from.

A wintesr tale of a tree who needs nothing more than the wind the sky and the stars

As winter approaches the sparrow needs shelter but most of the trees are too busy!


This yoga session takes us on a journey through the wonderful storybook Me.

It's cold outside so lets button up our coat and go on a winter adventure, yoga style.

Join our lovely little Robin and learn how to hop and jump our way through a cold winter.

Relax, lie back and let all of your worries drift away with this Warm Fuzzy relaxation.

The night sky is a delightful sight in winter- take a yogatastic trip into space.

Winter is a time to be kind and caring to ourselves and each other.