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Yoga & Mindfulness with We Be Kids

Join one of our Yoga & Mindfulness sessions or commission Annie to attend your setting, school, event or festival.


Your Yoga Instructor

  • Annie has been practicing yoga since she was a child which gives her a unique insight into how yoga is best received by children.

  • She is fully certified (200 hour) adult yoga instructor and a qualified children's yoga & mindfulness teacher too.

  • She is a fully  qualified Meditation Teacher (60 hours course) and trained in outdoor first aid. 

  • To see Annie in action you can try any one of the 50+ free recorded sessions in the We Be Kids activity library.

We Be Kids offers Yoga & Mindfulness to suit a wide variety of people.

Yoga for Schools

  • The Yoga & Mindfulness sessions for schools are taught via story and can be adapted to different topics across the age groups.

  • our flexible approach means we can link your yoga and mindfulness session to complement other areas of learning in your school.

  • ​All sessions are tailored to be age appropriate within groups.

  • We Be Kids offer half or whole day bookings these time slots can be customised to suit your schools needs.

  • The sessions work best with 12-15 pupils per group.

Yoga For All

  • We Be Kids offer Yoga & Mindfulness in a wide range of settings. We offer yoga, mindfulness movement & meditation sessions and can bring them into your place of work, perhaps as part of a larger wellbeing staff day, inset day or as a regular class.

  • We Be Kids can be commisioned to provide Children's, Family or Adult Yoga sessions for Events & Festivals.

  • We Be Kids can provide Yoga both for indoor & outdoor settings. 


  • Yoga & Mindfulness is good for the wellbeing of all children, whatever their age. It is a practice that engages the body, breath & mind & can often leave children feeling more relaxed & receptive after a session. This enables children to gain more from their environments in an increasingly emotionally resilient way over time.

  • Just as adults experience stress, so too do children but sometimes they are less able to communicate their troubles verbally. For a child stresses may manifest as a constant sort of tummy ache, listlessness, headache, nail-biting or sleep disturbances that affect their days. Yoga & Mindfulness can help give children some accessible & practical tools to calm & soothe themselves  when challenging emotions arise for them. 

  • Yoga & Mindfulness promotes physical movement in a non-competitive manner that allows each child to progress in their own way and at their own pace building self-esteem & a sense of what true kindness to the self can be.  
    Yoga can also allow children to explore emotions somatically & through the movement of their bodies as they engage in a fun, gentle & engaging form of physical movement.

  • Yoga is as good for children as it is for adults!

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