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Storytelling with We Be Kids

Bring professional storyteller and published author Danny English to your setting for a memorable storytelling and nature connection experience.


"The best storyteller I have come across . Thank you so much Danny, We look forward to listening to your stories at every visit and we always remember them in our class." KS1 Teacher

Storytelling for Schools

Danny is an accomplished storyteller and published author who specialiSes in unleashing the creative potential of reluctant writers. Whether immersed in the great outdoors or within the confines of a classroom, he adeptly leverages natural landscapes, animals, and everyday objects to guide children in structuring and cultivating their own narratives.


With a variety of options available, including whole-class experiences, whole-school performances, or one-on-one sessions with individual students, Danny tailors his approach to suit diverse preferences and needs.


Beyond merely crafting tales, Danny recogniSes the transformative power of storytelling in addressing values, resolving conflicts, and navigating challenging discussions within educational settings. His proficiency lies in utilising storytelling to cultivate positive relationships and foster personal and community development.


In addition to his work with students, Danny extends his expertise to educators by providing teacher training. This empowers classroom teachers to seamlessly integrate storytelling into their own practices, further enhancing the educational experience for all involved.


Storytelling for Events

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Storytelling adds a captivating and enchanting touch to any event. Danny has shared his stories in diverse settings, from the Wonderland stage at the popular Just So family festival to more intimate venues like libraries, weddings, summer fairs, Forest School settings, and outdoor education centers.


Explore various possibilities, including 'story sets,' story and nature crafts, 'build your own story' workshops, and more.


Are you interested in a tailor-made story for your special event? Danny has collaborated with organizations like the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, creating and narrating bespoke stories for specific projects and events.

Storytelling for Outdoor Education

Danny is a highly skilled and experienced Outdoor Educator with over 20 years of expertise in working with diverse groups globally. Employing various methods, he facilitates learning experiences for individuals and groups, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves, nature, and communities. His toolkit includes traditional environmental education, forest school, adventure education, forest bathing, nature therapy, and storytelling.


Danny collaborates with schools, community groups, outdoor education centers, forest schools, educational settings, and charities, using the power of storytelling to enrich and elevate their programs. From single-day enrichment sessions to the development of comprehensive programs guided by narrative, Danny offers a captivating approach to enhancing outdoor provision.


"Harry listened to Danny's stories and it made him think more about the trees during our time outside which was nice. After feeling a bit fed up this past week it really helped to get out and engage with nature in this way."  KS1 Teacher

"We really loved your storytelling! My children were so inspired and I heard them sharing the story with others in school. Many thanks for your stories they are making us very happy". KS2 Teacher

"oh my, you are my kids favourite storyteller! My kids really love your stories." Forest School Leader

"He shared such a charming and beautiful story which encouraged the search for happiness and joy through the exploration of the natural world. It was full of good and positive messages which we all desperately need." Community Group Leader

"The best storyteller I have come across . Thank you so much Danny, We look forward to listening to your stories at every visit and we always remember them in our class." KS1 Teacher

"what a delightful afternoon in the forest. With inspiration from the story we went on to build nests, lanterns and potions." KS1 Teacher.

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