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Autumn Walk

Autumn with We Be Kids

Autumn is a beautiful season when every leaf becomes a flower and nature provides a simply stunning show of colour. It's a great time to settle down for a story in front of the fire, go foraging for nuts and berries, begin to welcome a sense of calm with some yoga and mindfulness, and the abundance of leaves and falling sticks makes it an excellent time to make nature art and crafts too. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Autumn to connect with nature and boost our wellbeing.

Leaf Spirals.jpg

With many wonderful colours available, making leaf spirals is a great way to get creative.

Leaf Bowls.jpg

There are so many leaves available to craft with- try making a leaf bowl.

Leaf Wreath.jpg

Collect colourful leaves and other 'nature finds' to create a simple wreath for your door. 

Leaf Candle Holder.jpg

Bring warmth and soft light to your home with this beautiful autumn leaf candle holder. 

Waxed Leaf Garland.jpg

 This activity helps us preserve the beauty of the leaves beyond autumn.

wool spider webs.jpg

In autumn spiders come into our homes; make them welcome by creating a web 



Signs of Autumn take 2.jpg

Head outside and notice the changes taking place all around us. 

Hawthorn Berry Ketchup.jpg

 This sweet tasty delicious ketchup is excellent and really fun to make too.


Acorns are abundant in autumn and there are so many ways to play with them 


Autumn is the season for Halloween and all good witches need brooms!


 Tasty, delicious, sweet apples just got even more wonderful!! Yum, Yummy Yum.


Autumnal nature activities would not be complete without CONKERS!!!!!!


In this story a little squirrel learns a very important lesson about kindness.


A magical journey that teaches us about the many nuts we find in the woods.


In this story a young leaf finds herself on a wondrous journey into the wonderful world.


Halloween wouldn't be complete without a story of a witch with a stinking potion. 


Especially for Halloween: the scariest story we know...but it's not really that scary.


Where there are witches we find wizards. But, can you solve the magic mans riddles?


Learn how to move your body in a fun way and build a splendid spider web.


Join in with this fun musical, movement yoga session as we learn all about 'them bones'.


Learn how something as small as an acorn can create a massive majestic oak tree?

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