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Spring with We Be Kids

Spring is the season filled with hope and new beginnings. The sight of spring bulbs and early buds blooming can lift our spirits and remind us of brighter times. With the re-emergence of colour, the sound of the birds singing and the lighter mornings its a great time to get outdoors and connect with nature. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Spring to connect with nature and boost our wellbeing.


It's not all buds and flowers in spring time, there's also plenty of mud to be creative with!


With new buds appearing it's the perfect time to capture this moment in clay.


Easter is a big celebration in the spring. Use the emerging colours to dye your eggs.


Bring the wonder of water to your garden, the wildlife will be super grateful to you.


Dandelion brings us such sweet colour in early spring and tasty treats too.


Elder is such a giving tree and it's blossoms make wonderful cordial that's full of goodness.


Getting to know the little places that you visit is a great way to connect with nature. 

With the chill of winter behind us its time once again to string up the hammock in the woods.

This delicious pesto is something we look forward to with anticipation each year.

Who would have thought that stinging nettles could be so delicious?

This lovely little activity will keep you busy throughout the spring months.

Learn more about Nature Connection while making this simple spruce tip tea.

This willow egg basket also doubles up as a garden bird feeder.

It's a great time to watch the birds building nests. Take some inspiration & build your own

Late spring brings the Hawthorn Blossom so we can make this refreshing tea.


The flower fairy searches for 'the children's flower' but who will it be?

One of our favourite stories- a beautiful tale of love, loss and the magic of the easter bunny.

Old Man Winter has captured Spring in his great castle, is there a way to save her?

Can the young boy find the plant that gives 'the strength of 100 hundred horses'?

The keeper of light Mother Buzzard is tricked, but can she return with the light?

This little tadpole doesn't want to be a frog, but wants to be a bird instead!


Spring mornings are tuneful, wonderful and delightful. This yoga session takes you there.

Join us for a yoga trip to the park in search of signs of spring.

It's that time of year when we need to plant the garden- join us as we do it the yoga way.

The birds enjoy spring just like we do, did you know they love yoga too?

Coat on or coat off? It's that time of year again, will the wind or sun be triumphant?

The transformation of tadpoles to frogs is one of natures magnificent displays.