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Commission We Be Kids

There are over 250 free activities for you to access here on the We Be Kids website but if you want to work with us in person there are many options.


Bring We Be Kids to your setting or event

Danny Storyteeling Wonderland.jpg


Danny has told stories across the world to a wide range of audiences at festivals, events, shows and parties. He is also an accomplished  teacher in  storytelling to professionals, parents and educators. 


Family Wellbeing Days

We Be Kids can bring a host of activities and ideas to your setting to engage families and help them feel the wellbeing benefits of  connecting with nature.

 Temple Yoga

Yoga and Mindfulness

Practiced regularly Yoga & Mindfulness has a mind-body-breath effect that can support and enhance wellbeing for all. We Be Kids delivers Family Yoga & Mindfulness sessions through the use of story and song and a smile.

Walk in the Wild

Staff Wellbeing Days

Whatever line of work you're in we all need to take care of our wellbeing. We Be Kids bring a unique mixture of nature connection, nature crafts and mindfulness activities to your setting to boost your teams wellbeing.

Enjoying Nature

Boost Wellbeing with Nature

The 5 ways to wellbeing is recognised and supported by the NHS. At We Be Kids we combine this with Nature Connection as a way of supercharging wellbeing. We Be Kids can help you learn more about this approach and how you can implement it in your setting.

Outdoor Class

Introduction to Outdoor Education

Many schools and teachers are seeking an effective model of teaching that can help their pupils learn more about the natural world while contributing to their wellbeing. We Be Kids provide inspiring training to help inspire your staff to take their learning outdoors. 

Organisations commissioning We Be Kids

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