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Forest Bathing with We Be Kids

The practice of forest bathing encourages you to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature by quieting the mind and awakening the senses.


What happens on a guided Forest Bathing walk?

  • On a Forest Bathing walk the guide will offer a series of 'invitations' for you to participate in activities that deepen your connection with nature.

  • The walk presents an opportunity to step away from your busy schedule and take time to reawaken all of your senses. Activities are carefully selected for the group and interspersed with opportunities to share.

  • Forest Bathing walks are open-ended, there are no expectations placed on the participant. The walks are between 2 and three hours and are intentionally slow. they are designed to be accessible to all.

Who is Forest Bathing for?

  • Shinrin yoku is the Japanese term for ‘forest bathing,’ which is standard preventative medicine in Japan. The practice  emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise for people who were overworked and overwhelmed by the stress of modern life.

  • Many cultures have known for thousands of years that spending time in nature improves our health and wellbeing- forest bathing is for everybody.

  • You don't need lots of experience of spending time in nature to enjoy forest bathing. It is for the complete nature novice and the nature expert.

  • Forest Bathing can be experienced in a number of ways. private guided walks, group walks or family walks.

  • Forest Bathing is for children too and is an excellent way to help children disconnect from digital technology and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

What is a Forest Bathing Guide?

  • ​A certified Forest Bathing guide is an individual who has completed a training program by a recognised training provider. 

  • A guide will be skilled in leading individuals and groups on walks in the outdoors in a way that deepens their connection with nature and self.

  • A guide is skilled in deep nature connection and  experienced in holding space for people in nature from all backgrounds.

  • A guide will have detailed knowledge and experience about the woodland environment.

  • Your guide will be qualified in Outdoor First Aid

All of the We Be Kids guided Forest Bathing walks are led by Danny English.

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