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We firmly believe that education, nature connection and positive wellbeing should not be available exclusively for people who can afford to pay for it. Therefore we have a sponsorship subscription scheme- an opportunity for individuals or organisations to  'pay it forward' and provide a family subscription for those who may not be able to afford to join the community.

Sponsorships are available for:

  • Families who have children with a mental health care plan.

  • Families were children have experienced the loss of a parent.

  • Families currently experiencing hardship through illness or sickness.

  • Families who have a history of ACE's (adverse childhood experiences)- this can be parents trying to break the cycle of ACE's.

Charity Status

We Be Kids is an un-incorporated charity currently working towards becoming an incorporated charity- we are dedicated to creating resources that promote positive wellbeing and ensuring they are accessible to all.


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