Sponsorship Application

We firmly believe that education, nature connection and positive wellbeing should not be available exclusively for people who can afford to pay for it. Therefore we have a sponsorship subscription scheme- an opportunity for individuals or organisations to  'pay it forward' and provide a family subscription for those who may not be able to afford to join the community.

If you'd like to apply for a scholarship, fill in the form below and provide us with as many details as possible. Sponsorships will only be given to those providing detail in their message on how they meet any of the above criteria. Blank messages will automatically be refused.

If you have been referred by one of our partners, please add their name in the message box too.

Apply by filling in the form below

Terms and Conditions

We don't have lots of terms and conditions but we want to ensure that the families who receive sponsorships are engaged and making the most of their subscription.


Through regular use and contribution to the online community we are sure that the material will help promote positive wellbeing, therefore we ask that you:

  1. Regularly use the site with your family

  2. Regularly contribute to the online forum

  3. Regularly upload images of your art work and experiences that have been inspired by We Be Kids. 

At times we have families in waiting for sponsorship places and if you're not an active user we may transfer your sponsorship to somebody else. 

If for some reason you no longer want to be a sponsored subscriber please let us know how we can create a better experience for you, or let us know you're leaving.

Charity Status

We Be Kids is an un-incorporated charity currently working towards becoming an incorporated charity- we are dedicated to creating resources that promote positive wellbeing and ensuring they are accessible to all.


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